Ukrainian pilots arrive in Poland to pick up donated fighter jets

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Ukrainian pilots have arrived in Poland to start taking management of fighter planes donated by European international locations, a Ukrainian authorities official informed POLITICO.

The upcoming switch of older Russian-made planes for use in fight in opposition to Russian forces is probably the most important second but in a wave of promised arms transfers over the previous 24 hours that features hundreds of anti-armor rockets, machine weapons, artillery and different tools.

It’s not clear simply but what international locations are donating the jets, however European Union Safety chief Josep Borrell over the weekend pledged to switch the fighter planes from a number of international locations.

Representatives from the Polish and Slovakian governments didn’t instantly reply to a request for remark.

Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia all nonetheless fly Russian-made planes much like these utilized by the Ukrainian air drive, which means the pilots would doubtless not want a lot coaching.

The Ukrainian parliament on Monday tweeted that Europe was sending 70 fighter planes to Ukraine, together with 28 MiG-29s from Poland, 12 from Slovakia and 16 from Bulgaria, together with 14 Su-25s from Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on Monday stated he had rejected the request, nonetheless, leaving Poland and Slovakia within the combine.

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