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Takefile premium accounts were last verified on November 1, 2021.

What is TakeFile.link and how does it work?

TakeFile.link is a website that hosts files. We provide advanced uploading and downloading facilities, as well as online storage/remote backup capacity.
TakeFile.link allows you to host files, photos, videos, audio, and flash in one location.

TakeFile Features 2021

Access Use any device to access the file
Files may be shared with anybody who has a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It’s simple!

Takefile is 100 percent trustworthy.
We take care of the safekeeping of your files. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your files are secure.

It’s completely safe.
We offer the best degree of security for your files and a safe place to save your data!

Use whenever you want.
Takefile is a dependable cloud storage service that lets you access your files anytime you want.

Anywhere on the planet
High-speed internet connection from any place! High-performance server with gigabit networking!

All available payment options
Our services can be paid for in a variety of ways. Alternative and regional choices, as well as bank cards

Premium Prices for Takefile link

30 days Premium: $29.95 60 days Premium: $44.95 90 days Premium: $59.95 365 days Premium: $119.95


What exactly is TakeFile.link and how does it function?

TakeFile.link, a file hosting service, provides storage. Our services feature comprehensive upload and download facilities, as well as online storage/remote backup capabilities.
TakeFile.link makes hosting files, images, movies, music, and Flash in one place simple.

What’s the best way to get a file downloaded?

In our system, we have two download options: free and premium. Downloads will be delayed if you choose the free option, but premium downloads will have no restrictions.
To download something, first click the download link, then enter a captcha code, wait for the countdown to end, and then click the download link again.
If you want to download quickly, get the premium plan (if you want even more premium, go here to download).

For an extra price, we offer a special type of file that may be downloaded. This is something that only the file owner has authority over. Users of PREMIUM are unable to download copyrighted content. The files are available for download on the download page, along with instructions on how to pay and the payment methods that are accepted. The cost of downloading files like this will vary dramatically, ranging from $1 to $50. On the My Downloads page, you can see all of the files you’ve purchased.

What Makes The Takefile Premium So Special?

Downloading is quick and limitless.
There are no advertisements.
After reconnecting, the download resumed.
It is possible to download up to 8 files at once.
There is no lag in the downloading process.
There’s also a whole lot more…

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