State Directorate of Saxony

The intermediate authority beneath the Saxon ministerial degree is known as the Saxony State Directorate.[1] It’s the basic state authority of the Free State of Saxony and is straight subordinate to the Saxon State Ministry of the Inside. In response to the authorized regulation, it has three areas in Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig (so-called places of work), whereby the latter two are incorrectly known as department places of work within the press. In response to § 6 paragraph 1 sentence 2 Saxon. Administrative Group Act, the seat of the President is in Chemnitz; this seat can be the principle workplace. Department places of work (places of work) exist in Bautzen, Görlitz and Zwickau.

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origin story The Saxony State Directorate emerged on March 1, 2012 from the previous Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig State Directorates, whose duties and powers it has largely taken over. The previous state directorates, for his or her half, got here into being in the middle of the Saxon administrative reorganization and the 2008 district reform of Saxony on August 1, 2008 because the successor authorities to the previous regional councils.
With the abolition of the state directorates, a development that may be noticed nationwide (after Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony-Anhalt and Decrease Saxony) continues to surrender middle-instance authorities for price causes[3] and present duties both to the decrease authorities on the district and metropolis degree or to to relocate to the ministries or straight subordinate state authorities which might be additionally lively state-wide.

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