Russian Troops Enter Ukraine Capital Kyiv

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Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion regardless of harder sanctions imposed by the worldwide neighborhood and widespread condemnation, together with from the NATO North Atlantic Council, United Nations, and G7 leaders.

Zelensky on Thursday in contrast Russia’s actions to that of the Soviet Union, describing the invasion because the “sound of the brand new Iron Curtain that’s falling and shutting Russia from the civilized world.”

He additionally requested world leaders for “highly effective help” in preventing Russia on a number of fronts, saying that in the event that they don’t, “tomorrow the battle will knock in your door.”

To that finish, President Joe Biden stated he was sending extra troops to Germany to strengthen NATO members in opposition to Russian aggression, though he made it clear that US forces wouldn’t be on the frontlines of the battle. As a substitute, he introduced new sanctions that included blocking the property of 4 giant Russian banks, export controls, and sanctioning extra oligarchs and their households.

“It is a harmful second for all of Europe and freedom all over the world,” he stated.

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