Russian Hit Squad Sent to Assassinate Zelensky ‘Eliminated,’ Ukrainian Official Says

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Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s Nationwide Safety and Protection Council, stated on Ukrainian tv on Tuesday that his nation acquired details about a deliberate assassination try on President Volodymyr Zelensky from brokers of the Federal Safety Service of the Russian Federation (FSB).

“I can say that we acquired data from representatives of the FSB, who right now don’t have any want to participate on this bloody struggle,” stated Danilov, who claimed that the Chechen particular forces despatched to kill Zelensky had been “eradicated.”

“The Kadyrovites’ elite group, which got here right here particularly to get rid of our president, was instantly destroyed,” he stated. Kadyrovites refers to a Chechen paramilitary group accused of plenty of human-rights violations and abuses. They serve on the pleasure of Razman Kadyrov, the top of the Chechen Republic and a detailed ally of Vladimir Putin.

Western leaders have urged Zelensky to flee the nation, however he has remained within the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Responding to a suggestion of evacuation by america, Zelensky reportedly replied that “the combat is right here; I would like ammunition, not a experience.”

“Nobody goes to interrupt us. We’re robust. We’re Ukrainians,” the Ukrainian president stated in an deal with earlier than the European Parliament on Tuesday. “We’ve a want to see our youngsters alive. I feel it’s a good one.”

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