Howard Stern Pulls No Punches Blasting Republicans Who Praise ‘F**king Animal’ Putin


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Howard Stern on Monday provided a searing critique of Republicans, together with former President Donald Trump, who’ve praised Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Commenting on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the SiriusXM radio host famous his hatred for communism and former love for Republicans who have been “pro-capitalist, anti-communist and positively a staunch defender of free folks and free elections.”

However, he lamented, that love was no extra.

“I voted for a lot of Republicans. I don’t see how I’ll ever get again to that,” mentioned Stern. “They’ve simply completely upset me and their assist of Vladimir Putin, the reward they heap on him. Trump’s reward of Vladimir Putin. This man’s a fucking animal. I want he was useless, like I want Hitler was useless.”

Trump final week continued his yearslong celebration of Putin, hailing Russia’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine as “fairly good.” He additionally praised Putin as a “genius.”

Stern later laced into Putin himself, calling him a “scumbag” who “enslaves a whole nation” and “will kill you in case you converse out in opposition to him.”

This text initially appeared on HuffPost and has been up to date.


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