Chris Christie slams Trump over Putin “genius” comments

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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said in a tweet Monday that “historical past is watching” former President Donald Trump’s reward of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hindoria Driving the information: Final week, Trump referred to as Putin “very savvy” and a “genius” after he acknowledged two breakaway republics in jap Ukraine as impartial forward of the Russian invasion. On Saturday at CPAC, Trump mentioned that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was “very courageous,” however reiterated his perception that Putin is “good.”

Get market information worthy of your time with Axios Markets. where to buy Pregabalin online Subscribe without cost. What he is saying: “How can anybody with any understanding of the world name Putin’s resolution to invade Ukraine “genius” and “very savvy” as we watch him unite the remainder of the world in opposition to Russia in almost an instantaneous,” Christie said in his tweet.

  • “Putin has two selections now: an unwinnable occupation of Ukraine after leveling the nation and murdering its hero President (if that’s even achievable) or a humiliating retreat. Yeah, that’s “genius” and “very savvy” alright. No strolling that again. Historical past is watching,” Christie added.

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