Beware of disinformation surrounding thyroid health

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A physician checks the neck of a pregnant woman for possible thyroid disease.

As one of many fundamental glands that management mobile perform, the thyroid can take credit score for helping with lots of the internal workings of the human physique. Nonetheless, additionally it is a simple, and infrequently inaccurate, place to solid blame when one thing feels just a little off.

“There may be a lot disinformation about thyroid illness, it’s exhausting to know the place to start,” mentioned Dr. Monica Moreno, an endocrinologist for Intermountain Medical Group and sees sufferers at Intermountain St. George Endocrine and Diabetes Clinic.

Whereas the three fundamental thyroid-related points — hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and thyroid nodules — are very actual and might have medical consideration, Dr. Moreno mentioned it is crucial for sufferers to contemplate there could also be different underlying causes contributing to issues like fatigue and weight fluctuations.

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